Fabrication & Sheet Metal - Leap Products


Leap Products provides a precision welding and Sheet metal service across the UK. Working with a large variety of materials, methods, tight tolerances and time frames our team of skilled engineers can produce your welding and Sheet metal requirements to a precise, perfect standard every time and without compromise. Whether it be one off prototypes to racking systems or bulk production to large machine fabrications, we are here to help.

Leap creates a vast array of folding options and solutions. Working with customers drawings and specifications we can produce the exact requirements every time. We currently have a 2.5m Cnc brake press and with a large array of tooling and can offer a wide variety of folding options. Our guillotine has a capacity of 3m.

Our ‘pierce all’ can punch many different slots holes etc in a variety of materials and with the ability to create our tooling in house reduces the lead time and cost to the customer.

We take a lot of pride in the finish of our products. We have to tooling in house to clean, brush, polish or mirror polish stainless steel to a very high standard which allows our customers to receive a complete job without sending it off to a third party