CNC Milling & Laser Cutting in Rayleigh, Essex (UK)

CNC Milling provides us with the means to produce tooling at a competitive price and, with the 3D machining through computer programming, makes batch work cost-effective.

With a fully-equipped workshop, Leap Products are able to supply our customers with a range of CNC milling services. We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service that ensures our customers milling requirements are met promptly and efficiently.

Milling is a machining process, which is similar to both drilling and cutting, but the machine is able to accomplish both operations with ease. It operates using a rotating cylindrical cutting tool that can move along multiple axes, allowing it to create a wide range of shapes, slots and holes. Because the machine is computer controlled, this allows more precision and consistency in drilling and cutting, virtually eliminating the possibility of human error.

CNC Turning

Leap Products offers a quality centre lathing turning service that provides high precision turning to be undertaken on small components and pieces, requiring precise and intricate turning. By using a computer controlled machine that is operated by one of our fabricators, who will monitor the turning process closely to prevent any inaccuracies from happening.

Our CAM autos and lathes can produce large quantities of accurate components in all metals and many plastics, up to a maximum of 75mm diameter. With the management and staff having particular skills in the machining of stainless and high tensile steels, aluminium and brass, we take pride in being able to deliver a quality turning service.

We endeavour to look for ways to improve the overall efficiency of our services, monitoring our machines and improving them where we see fit, which helps us to make sure we can always achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Metal Turning

Machining Services: Cam autos and lathes produce large quantities of accurate components in all metals and many plastics, up to a maximum of 75mm diameter. Management and staff have particular skills in the machining of stainless and high tensile steels, aluminium and brass.

Stainless Steel Body & Push Button manufactured to customers specification

A small selection of turned parts in various materials

CNC Turning